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How to Effectively Scale Wellness Consulting Services


Wellness brokers and consultants hold a unique and important seat at the table of workplace wellness. They hold the expertise to support clients of all shapes and sizes, they intimately understand their client’s greatest challenges, barriers, needs, and can be the difference in implementing lasting change for the people they serve.

The landscape of workplace wellness is changing, and in order for brokers and consultants to continue to maintain this vital seat at the industry table, it’s essential that they know how to anticipate change and how to effectively scale their services. Brokers and consultants, the time for scaling up is now, WELCOA has the pathway to make that happen.

Know Your Customer and Keep a Pulse on the Industry

Just like you’d recommend to your employer clients to keep a pulse on the evolving needs, concerns, and challenges of their employees, you should do the same when it comes to the people you serve.

It can be difficult and time-consuming to aggregate the feedback from your current clients or get the big picture of what’s changing for your larger target audience on your own. That’s why it is essential for you to tap into data outside of your current client base. With thousands of employer members, WELCOA has the pulse of the industry at our fingertips. We are a gathering place for industry insiders and organizations of all sizes making us the best resource for keeping brokers and consultants aware of industry trends, shifts, and best practices.

Use a Simplified Process

Each of your client’s needs are unique but that doesn’t mean you need to change your approach or process with each client. Attempting to bring an entirely unique approach or process to the table with each new client is not sustainable if you’re looking to scale. Instead, consider using a proven process that is structured enough that you can repeat it with any client and flexible enough to meet their unique needs.

WELCOA’s 7 Benchmarks offers a concrete and credible framework, based on research and expertise, for assessing an organization’s workplace wellness culture and designing an approach tailored to their unique needs.

Use a Standard and Repeatable Assessment

The discovery phase of your consulting process is paramount in ensuring the rest of your work is a success and that you can scale those efforts over time. The most efficient way to do this work is through a comprehensive assessment that is repeatable and gives the power back to the client to do this work on their own.

WELCOA’s Well Workplace Checklist is a highly analytical tool that provides you and your clients with the opportunity to discover their unique needs, see how they measure up with similar organizations, and receive a personalized assessment of their top five strengths so you can get right to work on the areas that will make the greatest impact.

The beauty of this assessment is that it’s self-led by your clients and produces powerful insights for you, the consultant.

Provide a Proven Pathway and Tailored Tools

Once you have the insights and direction gained from an assessment, your clients are going to be ready to dive right in and get to work. In order to scale, you need a pathway and a wide range of resources in order to package and deliver the framework for your clients to follow. You can’t waste time on this step, you’ll need these tools at the ready.

WELCOA’s 7 Benchmarks contains everything from step-by-step guidance, planning templates, to resources, toolkits, and training that you’ll need to package and deliver that framework in real-time.

Having these tools at the ready means you can support your clients with guidance and accountability and empower them to take that support and turn it into a reality.

Know Your Scope and Outsource Additional Expertise

In the words of Peter Drucker, “do what you do best and outsource the rest.”

If you’re ready to get serious about scaling your business, you have to acknowledge that you are not limitless. You have a unique talent that has a purpose and place at the table, but when you notice areas where you need additional expertise to support your clients best, look outside yourself and fill that gap with experts like wellness vendors, wellness tech, and other supportive services.

WELCOA Select is a vendor selection platform that you can use to recommend tried and true vendors to your clients. You can easily search and drill down to find vendors that meet your exact outsourcing needs. No time wasted Googling or reading through RFPs. You’ll find the best match fast so you can get right back into the work.

Develop Yourself

You don’t know what you don’t know. The best way to develop your own skills and expertise is to plan for it. WELCOA provides regular training and development opportunities for brokers, consultants, and their clients.

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