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In Their Own Words: SkinIO Users Share Their Stories


When is the last time you looked at your skin? Really looked at it – to examine a spot that had changed or a new one that you noticed for the first time?

If your answer is “it’s been a while,” you’re not alone. Though 1 in 5 of us will get skin cancer, far too few of us are looking. And the majority of employees in the U.S. have never been to see a dermatologist.

SkinIO exists to fill that vital blind spot, by allowing anyone anywhere to perform a full-body skin exam with their smartphone in just 10 minutes. And we’ll connect them to in-person care if they need it.

We love talking about SkinIO – and we’d love to discuss it more with you! – but the most important people to hear from are our users. Here is a glimpse at their stories:

Kathy: Working Mom of Two Teenage Boys

“I have two boys and I’m always running them around. There’s never enough time in the day. I just didn’t realize that it had been 4 or 5 years since I’d seen my dermatologist.

I was planning to have my husband take my photos. When he got stuck at work I thought about just doing SkinIO another day. But my teenage son offered to take the photos on his iPhone. I don’t know which of us was more surprised at how easy it was!

The spot that SkinIO flagged wasn’t huge or particularly concerning. And it was on my back, usually covered up by my bra strap, so it wasn’t something I saw every day. Without SkinIO I never would have gotten that spot checked when I did – and it turned out to be Melanoma.”

Kathy's Testimonial

Ryan: 30-Year-Old Personal Trainer

“My wife Lauren thinks about me more than I think about me. She’s the one who convinced me to do SkinIO and took my pictures. The whole process was easier than I expected, the app walked us through all the steps. My results email came back in a few days and said I had three spots that needed in-person follow-up…I’d never noticed any of them.

I went to see the dermatologist and they shaved off two of the moles that they confirmed were problematic. I’m definitely going back every year from now on.”

Ryan's Testimonial

Robert: Union Pacific Railroad Worker

“I’ve worked outside since I was 18, so I’ve had some sun damage frozen off. I had a spot on the left side of my face and my wife took a picture of it with SkinIO to see what was going on. When my results came back I learned that another spot on my face – a tiny one, the size of an eraser – was an aggressive cancer. I hadn’t even been worried about it.

Robert’s wife (and SkinIO photo taker) was looking out for him: “Men just don’t like to do this kind of stuff. But it’s so important. Many people may have this kind of sun damage and, like Robert, they think it’s just flaking skin. SkinIO was very helpful and we’re very thankful. If he had let it go on too long, it could have been a lot worse than just a few stitches on his face.”

Robert's Testimonial

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SkinIO empowers your employees to screen for the most common type of cancer – anywhere, any time. All they need is 10 minutes and a smartphone. SkinIO meets employees where they are and can be deployed at home, at work, and at on-site and near-site clinics. Our user-friendly app guides them through a quick and easy photo-taking process that replicates an in-person skin exam. Our deep learning AI flags outliers on the skin, and all photos are automatically and securely sent to a certified dermatologist for review. Your employees receive their results by email in just a couple of days, and we’ll connect them to in-person care if they need it.

SkinIO was a 2022 WELCOA Summit Sponsor and are a proud partner of the WELCOA Premier Provider Network. To learn more visit their Vendor Profile.