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Key Takeaways from WELCOA Summit 2023


While the 2023 WELCOA Summit is done, the connections made, inspiration received, and well-being revival are all still at the forefront of our minds.

This year we invited attendees to a well-being revival to elevate change for workplace wellness. We learned all about caring for our own well-being, rising to challenges from a place of resilience and wellness, and elevating change in our organizations to prioritize well-being.

The Takeaways

Elevating Change

  • When employees feel valued, inspired, and connected to their work and coworkers, they’re more engaged, creative, -innovative, effective, high-performing, and healthier.
  • Building resilience in ourselves and our teams is the answer to sustaining balance and wellness.
  • One of the most important factors that workplaces should be considering is the role that habits and sustainable positive behavior change play in the success of any workplace health strategy.
  • Building more connected lives will strengthen the foundation of our individual and collective well-being.
  • We’re experiencing a culture crisis.
  • Culture is simply the sum of the habits of the employees who work at a company. A healthy culture is sustainable by healthy individual habits.
  • Science and data tell us a lot about where we are now. It helps us to diagnose and problem-solve.
  • Science alone isn’t enough to move people and to support well-being. Three arts you need to master to start movements of well-being: the art of storytelling, the art of teaching, and the art of creating unexpected joy.
  • Investing in workplace diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B) isn’t just a policy box to check, it can transform the well-being of all employees.
  • Generating a culture of authenticity, candor, vulnerability, and cohesion that will transform the quality of convening and collaboration in the workplace.
  • Leading workplaces are leaning into DEI&B by partnering with workplace wellness innovators to support the unique needs of their employees.

Caring for the Mind, Body, and Soul

  • Focusing on the entirety of our lives rather than trying to stay in the present moment can provide a more rich human experience.
  • Transformation takes place in many, continuous, bite-sized efforts. Small daily doses of prioritizing wellness can yield big and lasting results.
  • Nature is wellness. Increased exposure to natural environments is associated with improvements in multiple dimensions of wellness.
  • We can’t expect ourselves to support the well-being of others if we don’t first care for our own well-being.

Rising Well

  • Let yourself be seen. Don’t hide your talents, strengths, and wins. Celebrating them proudly encourages others to do the same.
  • Advocating for yourself is an act of self-care.
  • Unlocking your deeper motivation for living well is a key component to igniting your greatest gifts and setting the stage for personal transformation.
  • Our thoughts have the power to reshape our brain’s structure and function. Overcoming limiting thoughts can transform our relationships, organizations, and communities.
  • We must always seek beauty and unity in a world that is constantly showing hopelessness.
  • We are better together. The WELCOA community is made up of the people elevating change in our workplaces for a brighter tomorrow.
This conference is just the start of the well-being revival. We anticipate that everyone who attended has walked away, ready to carry this revival, elevate change, and elevate the way we take care of all working people.

If you missed out on this experiential event this year, we hope that you join us in 2024 so we can help you take your workplace wellness profession to the next level.

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