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A Pricing Evaluation in Continuing Education

WELCOA’s assessment-based certificate program is meant to help wellness professionals build skill, education, and recognition in worksite wellness. Annually, WELCOA provides up to 12 brand new webinars and certifications to add to their library of over 40 trainings on the Institute for Wellness Studies. The break down below provides a broad overview of the benefits to purchasing a WELCOA membership in terms of continuing education with some of the top credentialing organizations in corporate wellness. Members can acquire specific knowledge, skills, and competencies for their ambitions in health and wellness and renew or complete a certification with National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, inc. (NCHEC)., Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI), or Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) with brand new webinars and certification courses each year.


Institute for Wellness Studies

In one year, WELCOA shares 12 legal updates, 8 educational webinars, 3 certifications, and an opportunity to attend WELCOA’s Annual Summit*.

Type Amount Credits Total Units
Webinars 8 1 8
Certifications 3 3 9
Legal (new in 2019) 12 1 12
Summit 1 15 15
    Total Credits (approx.) 44
    Total Cost $395
    Cost Per Credit Unit $8.98

*Extra cost to attend Summit


Sample Annual Curriculum (2018):

Month Course Title Instructor Credits
Jan Mindful Eating: Moving from Weight to Wellbeing Jen Arnold 1
Feb Hear Me Roar: Breaking the Silence Around Mental Health a Work Nancy Board 3
Mar Creating a Stigma Free Mental Health Culture Drs. Jeff and Nancy Jernigan 1
Apr Seeing Your Best Self Through the Eyes of Others Fosters Well Being at Work Chris White and Monica Worline 1
May Leveraging Emotional Intelligence to Develop Your Leadership Skills and Better Manage Stress Dr. Steven Stein 3
Jun Motivating Movement @ Work Celestee Rouf 1
Jul WELCOA’s Seven Benchmarks: Overview and Introduction Ryan Picarella and Sara Martin 1
Aug Summit Pre-Conference + Core Conference Various 10 to 15
Sep Building a Results-Oriented Wellness Program Ryan Picarella and Sara Martin 4
Oct Creating Movements of Change: Optimize Behavior Change and Culture Maggie Gough 1
Nov Mindful Healthcare: Healthy Teams, Healthy Business Scott Kashman and Christin Collins 4
Dec Reimagining Careers to Unlock Potential with the Science of Purpose Arthur Woods 1
    Total Up to 36






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