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Video: “Behavioral Health and Rise of Virtual Care During COVID-19” – A PPN Webinar by Mytonomy

A revolution in healthcare has happened with COVID – and virtual care has become the norm and will be here to stay. Patients love it. But how to do it right? What component does patient education play in an overall virtual care program? Shaped by the expectations and needs of the consumer-patient for virtual care, the healthcare ecosystem must provide new digital care options. This webinar will highlight new virtual care options in behavioral health.

Patients and members were comfortable with face to face office-based visits pre-pandemic. Telehealth and Digital Health were a “nice to have” option for behavioral health. With the events of 2020, the landscape has changed forever. Now, 75% of patients want digital health care experiences, and 65% of providers are comfortable with virtual care options. From a recent WELCOA poll, the top two issues that wellness executives were focused on were behavioral health and chronic care management in this post COVID environment.

With the rise of telehealth, Remote Patient Monitoring, and asynchronous virtual care, we can address behavioral health challenges in new ways. This webinar will share how employers, providers and payers are adapting to a new “Digital Front Door” to behavioral health to help their employees and members adjust to this new post-COVID reality.