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Video: “Healthier Through Better Nutrition” – A PPN Webinar by NutriSavings

Premier Provider Webinar: NutriSavings

Improving Population Health Outcomes Through Better Nutrition

Chronic conditions including hypertension, coronary artery disease, diabetes, obesity, and asthma account for more than 75% of medical claims costs based on claims data analysis. The one common denominator between these chronic health conditions that every employer can relate to is poor nutrition. Poor nutrition is something that directly affects either the employee or their family members. To reduce the risk of chronic illnesses, and associated claims cost, employers must engage employees where it matters most – at the table!

In this webinar, NutriSavings’ Staff Registered Dietitian, Samantha Budwit, will teach you first hand:

  • The risk and cost of poor nutrition decisions
  • How a nutrition focused intervention can deliver incremental measurable results
  • Real world applications of nutrition engagement and the resulting return on investment

You’ve heard of “Eat This Not That”, but how can your employees implement this in their daily lives and what impact will it have on your bottom line?