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Video: “Metahuman: Venturing Beyond Limitation” – A PPN Webinar by Virgin Pulse

“Metahuman” might sound like a comic-book superhero, but this potential exists in us all. Metahuman is achieving a higher state of awareness to tap into the power of creativity and evolution that makes life’s possibilities abundant. Join Deepak Chopra in this webinar as he shares insights from his latest book, Metahuman: Unleashing Your Infinite Potential. Deepak will discuss secrets for achieving a higher state of consciousness that will allow you to discover your hidden potential.

By watching this session, you will:

  • How to liberate yourself from old conditioning and mental constructs that underlie anxiety, tensions and ego-driven demands
  • Meditation techniques to center the body-mind
  • Examples of Metahuman experiences
  • Metahuman leaders and what it means for the workplace

Virgin Pulse Slide Handouts

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