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WELCOA Transforms Traditional Wellness Approach with Tech Evolution

The Evolution of WELCOA’s Well Workplace Process sets the bar for exciting new Trends in the Wellness Industry.

Omaha, Nebraska (June 27, 2018) — For the last three years the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) has been exploring the real challenges their members were facing. Through quantitative research, focus groups and an advisory council of the nation’s leading experts in organizational culture, wellness, and employee engagement—WELCOA is taking a collaborative approach when solving a problem that impacts us all.

The landscape of health care is constantly changing and health promotion professionals alike have all begun to face the fact that employees don’t know what wellness means, they aren’t engaged and they aren’t consuming the programmatic approach to wellness that the industry has historically offered.

Beginning this summer, CEO and President of WELCOA, Ryan Picarella and WELCOA’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, Sara Martin Rauch, will present the revamped Seven Benchmarks training. Earlier this year WELCOA announced the second generation of their proven Seven Benchmarks method—the foundation for a brand-new set of tools that will support WELCOA’s Well Workplace Process. Picarella remarked:

‟This is about people. Most people do want to be healthy, and our job is to create the proper conditions to help people be successful. By focusing on biometric markers and applying a strictly medicalized approach, our industry has been ignoring the human behind the number. The true determinants of health are the things that make life rich and human beings thrive.”

WELCOA is leading the charge by emphasizing new ways in which to measure the intangibles of how an employee interacts with their work environment. Though harder to measure, individual human needs (that WELCOA categorizes as Health, Meaning, Safety, Connection, Achievement, Growth, and Resiliency) actually determine how healthy we are.

The evolution of WELCOA’s Seven Benchmarks and Well Workplace Process continues to position individual wellness front and center in organizational cultures. WELCOA’s Seven Benchmarks Certification—Building a Results-Oriented Workplace Wellness Program—kicks off with a free webinar on the overview and introduction of WELCOA’s evolved Seven Benchmarks on July 11, 2018—that will teach it’s attendees to quantify the real value of truly happy and healthy humans.

WELCOA’s Annual Summit will be held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, CA beginning August 15, 2018. The three-day conference features dozens of industry experts and a high-touch preview of the new Well Workplace Process. Attendees will receive an exclusive guide for planning successful wellness programs with their registration.