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WELCOA Well Workplace Award FAQs

The Makeup Behind the Well Workplace Award

The Well Workplace Process (including our all-new Well Workplace Award and Well Workplace Checklist takes WELCOA members on a journey from evaluation and education to validation and designation. Members are guided through the Well Workplace Checklist to evaluate their organization’s wellness culture and then receive an introduction to our 7 Benchmarks framework, based on research and expertise, for building and sustaining successful employee wellness programs. Through our logic model and with access to education from a multitude of experts in the field, Members are empowered to discover what their organization needs to implement a successful wellness strategy focusing on whole employee wellness.

  • “Mark for Review” button that can be used to set aside items that may need the eye of another person in the organization.
  • Users Guide is available to make the WELCOA Well Workplace Award process easier for employers to complete and to improve the consistency of the responses across organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Well Workplace Award

When is the deadline to apply for the Well Workplace Award?

There is a rolling deadline for the Well Workplace Award, meaning you can apply any time throughout the year. We score the applications twice per year.

Do I have to be a WELCOA Member to apply for the Well Workplace Award?

To apply for WELCOA’s Well Workplace Award, you must be a WELCOA Member organization. This means you must have at least one representative from your organization with an active WELCOA Membership. That person is the only one that will be able to start an application and submit the completed application.

Am I able to apply on behalf of a client organization?

New functionality makes it very easy to collaborate with your client organizations on the Well Workplace Award. However, organizations must be an active WELCOA Member to be designated a Well Workplace. Your contact at the client organization would need to login with his/her Membership credentials to both start and submit the application.

If the client organization is not an active Member, they can join WELCOA online for instant access. If you work with multiple client organizations who need Memberships, please reach out to our Membership Team at We can provide you with group package options that would allow us to help you best support your clients.

How long is the Well Workplace Award designation valid?

The organization’s Well Workplace Award is valid for three calendar years. An application submitted and designated in 2024 will cover 2024, 2025 and 2026.

What are the requirements to apply for the Well Workplace Award?

The Well Workplace Award follows the WELCOA 7 Benchmarks framework so we recommend becoming familiar with each of the benchmarks and taking the 7 Benchmarks Training in the WELCOA Institute. If you would like additional consultation or support, let us know. We do offer those additional services to help structure your program or apply for the Well Workplace Award.

“WELCOA continues to provide valuable resources that support my wellness consulting practice. I use the Well Workplace Checklist and Well Workplace Award with clients as part of our strategic planning process. The evolution of both has been extremely helpful in shifting the conversation from “how do we implement wellness programs” to “how do we support the organization’s key business objectives by creating more meaningful employee experiences.”

– Michelle Spehr