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WELCOA’s “Why”

What do the wellness programs of the future look like – are they even programs at all or are they something different?  What have we learned by doing the great work we have done to date, and how will those learnings shape the future of wellness?  We all have a stake and serious role in not just answering those questions, but defining how we will proceed- together.  Abraham Lincoln said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

At this year’s WELCOA Summit, we will be collaborating to create our future – a future that ensures all working people everywhere will have a place to work that allows them to be their best selves. WELCOA sees work as much more than the source of a paycheck, but a means to help people to live a thriving life of meaning and purpose. We’ve said before that wellness is more than the absence of disease; and this year we are inviting incredible minds to converge on the ways in which this industry can bring love, kindness, hope, purpose and ultimately better health to all working people everywhere.  We invite you to join us. It’s time to dream big – together.

This is the one time of year when we can come together as a community of like-minded friends to share ideas, learn from each other, hear from world class experts, and leave feeling renewed. It’s what the WELCOA Summit is all about. Take a moment and see our full speaker lineup.  We have New York Times best sellers, leading MDs, inspiring testimonials and industry experts that all share our desire to be the change, and they are there for you.

I have this vision that together we can be the change that redefines workplace wellness as we know it today.  The caveat is that I can’t do this without my people, my friends and colleagues that share my passion and desire to transform the workplace into a place that promotes true health.

If you share this vision, consider this your formal invitation to join me. You can RSVP here.


Ryan Picarella, President