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Activating Wellness Program Participation

There is definitely an art to creating enthusiasm and increasing active participation in your company’s worksite wellness initiative. Move the needle when it comes to increasing employee participation and engagement in your programs.

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Designing A Legally Compliant Wellness Program

Offering rewards to encourage participation in workplace health assessments and biometric screens continues to garner much attention. Legal expert Barbara Zabawa has written a WELCOA White Paper to help you understand the workplace wellness program laws so you will be on the right path to compliance in the critical area of HRAs and biometric screenings.

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The Engagement Gap

To better tap into the physical activity landscape among corporate America, we surveyed hundreds of employers and employees to find out if there was a gap between what resources employees find motivating and what employers currently provide. Keep reading to check out our survey results, and get four specific recommendations to help employees move more…

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