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Tobacco Cessation

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[Infographic] True Cost of Tobacco Use

Protect employees from the harmful effects of tobacco. Educate yourself with this quick infographic demonstrating the true cost of tobacco use, and learn five things you can do about it.

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Dr. Jeffrey Wigand: Moral Treason: A Former Tobacco Industry Insider Speaks Out

Dr. Wigand sat down with WELCOA President David Hunnicutt to talk about tobacco use as an ever-present public health concern, the tobacco industry’s desperate tactics for replacing the 460,000 customers who die each year from their product.

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Howard Weyers: Where There’s Smoke, You’re Fired

In this interview, Howard Weyers shared his views on tobacco use, workplace wellness, and the moral responsibility of leadership. What you will read in this interview will inspire you and, at the same time, make you question what you really believe about tobacco use at the workplace.

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Weyco’s Employment Policy

Weyco, a Michigan-based employer does not hire tobacco users. Here’s a sample of their employment application.

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