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Value of Investment (VOI)

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Expert Interview: Jessica Grossmeier on Communicating the Value of Your Wellness Program

In this WELCOA exclusive, Jessica Grossmeier, Vice President of Research at Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO), discusses the Value of Investment (VOI) for employee health promotion.

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Expert Interview: Understanding the Power of the Dollar with John Perkins

From the heart of the Amazon to the slopes of the Andes, John Perkins has witnessed the effects corporate greed has had on the environment and people. In this exciting expert interview, Perkins talks with WELCOA about how to create a movement while we shop, the power of gratitude, and how we can channel our emotions into worldwide change.

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John Riedel: When Claims Data Aren’t Enough

In this WELCOA Expert Interview, John Riedel shares important findings from his report, Workforce Health and Productivity: How Employers Measure, Benchmark and Use Productivity Outcomes, and what these nine companies are doing differently.

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Dr. Wendy Lynch: How Benefit Costs Are Killing Your Company

New research brings to light the extraordinary results that can occur from linking health programs to corporate benefit policies. To understand how this connection can be made successfully and why it’s important, WELCOA sat down with author and benefits consultant, Dr. Wendy Lynch. In this exclusive interview, Dr. Lynch offers her advice for achieving better health at lower costs.

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Dr. Ron Goetzel: De-Mystifying ROI

In this WELCOA interview, leading national expert Dr. Ron Goetzel highlights the ROI that companies can expect from a comprehensive workplace wellness program and offers tips on how to get there. As one of the top experts in the field of workplace wellness ROI, Dr. Goetzel shares key strategies, rules for success and insights about future ROI trends.

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Dr. Steve Aldana: More than Just Numbers

Dr. Aldana shares tips for measuring the impact of health promotion initiatives.

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Dr. David Chenoweth: Evaluating Worksite Wellness Programs

Dr. Chenoweth shares valuable tips for quantifying results, tracking outcomes, and which tools to use to evaluate programs.

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Dr. David Chenoweth: In Search of Return-on-Investment

For years, return-on-investment has eluded many workplace wellness practitioners. In this exclusive WELCOA interview, Dr. David Chenoweth—one of the nation’s brightest minds on ROI—reveals the secrets of making ROI a reality for your wellness program.

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Roger Greenlaw: Prevention and the Future of Health Care

Health care costs are escalating as never before in the United States. It is now, more than ever, that companies need to be concerned with the impact unhealthy lifestyles are having on their workforce. In this exclusive Expert Interview series, nationally-recognized physician and advocate, Dr. Roger Greenlaw defines the options we have to fight this health care cost-battle.

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Richard Ollis: Leading Change

Richard Ollis shares the positive impact his company’s wellness program has had on reducing costs and improving employee lifestyles.

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