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Transform Your Work Culture

2019 WELCOA Summit

“If I can change, you can change. Everybody can change!” — Rocky Balboa

The classic film Rocky was shot near the location of our 2019 Summit in Philadelphia. These words are a great reminder of why we come together each year to learn from each other and affect change in the industry, our own lives and the lives of the employees we serve. 

The 2019 WELCOA Summit will share a variety of strategies for conquering each of WELCOA’s Seven Benchmarks™ for building wellness initiatives that impact your employees every single day. We invite you to be a thinker, an innovator, a trailblazer, and a leader in wellness by attending this year’s Summit.

Commit to Lead

Each of our keynotes, workshops and sessions will be inspired by WELCOA’s Seven Benchmarks. Not only will you find new strategies to take home and immediately start implementing, you’ll receive concrete tips and tricks for conquering each of the benchmarks.

Take a page out of other passionate leaders’ books (many Summit speakers have written a few) as we seek to make the world a better place one worksite at a time. It’s our goal to create a unique and memorable experience that sets Summit apart from any other wellness conference. We strive to bring the brightest minds and the most captivating speakers to share their research, successes and ideas about creating the healthiest and happiest workplaces for all.

Collaborate With Your Entire Team

Attending our Summit solo is always encouraged, and we promise you’ll never find yourself alone without community. However, we strongly believe in the power of numbers. 2019 will be a unique year for WELCOA. While we’ve spent the last few years putting in the work to transform our Well Workplace Process™, more importantly, we’re working diligently to elevate our member experience to truly educate your team so that they can help you improve your employees’ health and wellbeing. Providing hands-on experience for your wellness team (formal or not) will strengthen the force of your wellness efforts. It’s hard to put in words how special the Summit is to us. We personally leave motivated, enriched, and full of love each year, so we hope you’ll share the joy with your team! And we have group rates! Contact for more information.

Consider Meaning and Purpose

The Well Workplace Process is a research-driven, collaborative, and holistic approach to solving a problem we all face at work. Our 30-year, trusted and proven process is the reason we continue to evolve our products and explore the industry’s most thought-provoking topics in wellness. And we’ve come to understand that it’s not all about exercise and broccoli. Every planning template, presentation, expert interview, and quick guide that we share with you will be ingrained in the Seven Benchmarks, inspired by our Definition of Wellness, and be representative of whole-human-centered wellness. By the time the Summit concludes, you will have found brand new (or at least refreshed) purpose and meaning for doing the stellar work you’ve committed to doing.

Craft a Memorable Experience

2018 was a transformative year for the mission and vision of WELCOA. We kicked off the year with our new Seven Benchmarks and began our journey to a brand-new set of tools that will support the Well Workplace process and, truth be told, we’re ready to celebrate with you! We’ll have a variety of creative excursions and community-building activities throughout the conference to make your experience a memorable one.

We recommend visiting (and taking a selfie at) the famous LOVE sculpture while you’re in town. According to Visit Philly, one of the City of Brotherly Love’s best-known landmarks is Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture, located in John F. Kennedy Plaza. Bring your team and join your new community of wellness professionals for an unforgettable experience.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Your training is entirely customizable. The first day of the Summit features four individual, daylong, intensive sessions. Select one (1) and become totally immersed in a new framework for your program. Summit Secret: Bring a few team members and have each member attend a different session to get the full experience.

  1. Creating, Marketing and Implementing Effective Resiliency Programs with Brian Luke Seaward
  2. Next Generation Wellness: From Theory to Practice with Jen Arnold and Rebecca Johnson
  3. Workplace Wellness That Works with Laura Putnam
  4. Employee Wellness From The Inside Out with Diana C. Bishop

Additionally, there will be concurrent workshops to choose from throughout the general conference and multiple opportunities to network, ask questions, and motivate your team.

Cultivate a Loving Community

The WELCOA Summit is an opportunity for you and your team to meet like-minded, health and wellness professionals who are experiencing similar pains, struggles, opportunities, and successes. Join over 500 trailblazers in the wellness industry and cultivate a community of love and compassion for all working people.

But in case you aren’t convinced, you don’t have to take our word for it. Hear from some of our community that attended the 2018 Summit.

“[The Summit] is like a reunion. I get to see all my favorite people, I get to meet new people, and I get to connect.” – Rachel Druckenmiller

“My favorite part of the Summit has been the community element.” – Nicole Tirado

“The Summit is a place that goes beyond just talking about things, but people sharing ideas and successes that they’ve had, so we can bring them alive.” – Kris Intress

Celebrate Your Victories and Share Them With The World

As always, all attendees will be eligible to receive a WELCOA certification which contributes to your faculty eligibility as a WELCOA member. In addition, attendees will be eligible for CEUs and WELCOA typically receives prior approvals with the following organizations: SHRM, HRCI, NCHEC, CDR. More importantly, WELCOA will be unveiling our brand new Well Workplace Awards platform at the conference. Get a first look at the new application and receive exclusive insight into designating your organization a Well Workplace in 2019. Want the latest scoop? Sign up for updates.

Attend this year’s WELCOA Summit, August 26 – 28 at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia, PA and create the wellness program of your dreams.