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7 Habits of Highly Happy People

BY: Dee Eastman and Sean Foy // Co-Founders of RISE Together Today

“Happiness is a thing to be practiced, like the violin.”
–John Lubbock

What is happiness? And what makes someone happy?

Researchers agree that happiness can be measured, strengthened, and taught. The more you notice how happy or how grateful you are, the greater the potential for your happiness to grow. The World Happiness Report and the happiest countries on earth have identified and encourage the regular practice of 7 specific “happiness habits” to consistently enhance one’s joy in life.

Consider the following habits and rituals to add to your weekly routine to boost your own happiness – they are guaranteed to elevate your mood and put a smile on your face.

Nurture Your Relationships:

If there were one thing you can do to immediately boost your happiness- it would be to share your heart with the ones you love. Researchers have uncovered it’s not the number of relationships that matters most, rather it’s the quality and level of connectedness you experience in your relationships that matters most.

This week, be intentional and select one individual you care deeply about, and once a day compliment or say “thank you” for something you appreciate about them. You’ll be amazed how much this simple gesture will deepen your connection and infuse a greater sense of joy.

Focus on Strengths and Virtues:

Did you know, people who focus on their innate talents, strengths, and virtues are six times more likely to be more engaged in their work and happier, according to years of data from Gallup researchers. For years, many of us have believed strengthening our weaknesses was the way to improve our lives. Now current research overwhelmingly demonstrates just the opposite. Focusing on one’s strengths and virtues builds your happiness. So begin to shift your focus on what makes you feel energized and strong, what you feel competent doing, and what those closest to you say are your greatest strengths.

Look on the Bright Side:

Optimistic and grateful people have been shown to demonstrate more positive attitudes, a greater sense of belonging, greater ability to handle stressful situations, and a significantly higher level of happiness. Optimism and gratitude have also been associated with greater immune functioning, prevention of chronic disease, improved self-esteem and greater life satisfaction and much more.

To make this shift, simply begin to look for the good that surrounds you. This practice of noticing and recording what you’re grateful for rewires your brain to scan the world with a new lens. By integrating a consistent practice of gratitude, you’ll be setting the stage for more positivity throughout your day and being able to look at the brighter side.

Let it Flow:

Ever found yourself losing track of time? According to researchers and sports performance specialists, if we are deeply involved in trying to accomplish a goal or an activity that is engaging, fun and or challenging (and our skills are matched for the task), we experience a pleasurable and joyful state called “flow.” What makes you lose track of time? Make it a point to engage in hobbies, tasks, projects, causes, relationships and any aspect of life that challenges, inspires and ultimately you have the skills to accomplish. Watch how time flies by and a state of increased happiness becomes a reality.

Schedule Sacred Moments:

Many studies indicate a close link between happiness and our spiritual lives. For centuries, societies across the globe have engaged in practices that elevate one’s faith, perspective, hope, social support, meaning and a greater sense of purpose in life, all of which have been shown to increase one’s happiness. So, this week, intentionally focus on practicing a “sacred moment” during your day. Take a few minutes to pray, meditate, journal, get out in nature or read an inspiring book.

Cultivate Kindness:

Overwhelming evidence demonstrates that caring for someone other than ourselves creates a happier and more positive environment. Researchers at the University of California Berkeley have implemented a science-based strategy to help all of us “cultivate kindness” in our lives.

Write down the names of two- four people you turn to when you are hurting, in distress or worried.
  • Then write down a few of the positive qualities you admire in these individuals.
  • Next, recall and visualize a time when you were distressed or worried and how these individuals comforted you and showed you kindness.
  • Lastly, write down a brief description of the way this experience made you feel and watch your kindness grow.

Move to Boost Your Mood:

One of the greatest learnings we’ve found related to exercise is the foundational truth that “motion-dramatically impacts emotion”. We know exercise releases endorphins that have been proven to make us feel better. Research shows that just fifteen minutes of cardiovascular exercise is the equivalent of taking an antidepressant. No need to tackle an intense workout- a simple hike with your dog, a brisk walk at the beach, a bike ride or putting your dancing shoes on will do the trick! The simple act of moving is not only good for your body – it proves to be great for the soul.

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ABOUT THE AUTHORS Dee Eastman and Sean Foy // Co-Founders of RISE Together Today
Co-Founders of RISE Together Today, Dee Eastman and Sean Foy have spent more than four decades combined in the wellness and fitness industry. They met while developing a global initiative, The Daniel Plan – a health and wellness lifestyle program that has impacted millions worldwide. Dee was the Founding Director for The Daniel Plan and Sean served on the Expert Faculty, as a Daniel Plan Wellness Advisor and Fitness Contributor of a program that has grown to reach millions, spanning 190 countries. Dee and Sean also are Co-Authors of the NY Times #1 best-selling book, The Daniel Plan-40 Days to a Healthier Life. Today, Dee and Sean serve as Co-Founders of RISE Together Today, a Health and Wellness Coaching, Consulting and Speaking Company, with the vision to Make Wellness Simple, for all.