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8 Reasons You Should Attend Summit

This year’s Summit is all about YOU—and the humans you serve. We’re ready to share exclusive access to our exciting new tools that’ll make a difference in your organization’s future. And while we’re focusing on the humans behind the numbers—here are 8 other reasons you should attend the 2018 WELCOA Summit this August.

1 | WELCOA Certification Towards Faculty Status

All attendees are eligible for one WELCOA certification which contributes to your faculty eligibility! We think that’s a selling point on it’s own—spend a few days in sunny San Diego with “your people” and get certified? Count us in. We’re working diligently to get Summit sessions approved. CEUs are still pending for the following organizations: SHRM, HRCI, CHES, CDR, but be sure to check back for verification information.

2 | Minutes

The time it takes to register for this year’s summit! Space is limited so we encourage you to let us know you’re coming as soon as possible! And if you still need more buy-in to attend, download our sample management support letter!

3 | Days of Phenomenal Speakers!

It’s our goal to create a unique and memorable experience that sets us apart from any other wellness summit. We’re bringing some of the brightest professionals to share their research, successes and ideas about creating the healthiest and happiest workplaces for all.

4 | Intensive Sessions to Get Your Hands Dirty With

Attend our Pre + Core Conference and we promise you’ll leave inspired, energized and armed with the tools and resources you need to position your program for the future. Choose from 4 phenomenal workshops including Activating Managers with Laura Putnam, Daily Stronger© with Sean Foy, Putting Change into Context presented by Habits at Work, and Women in Leadership facilitated by Global Women 4 Wellbeing.

5 | Second Countdown

We try to keep it funky-fresh at our summit—sans ugly wallpaper and elevator music. Our team puts together a show and you are VIP! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Oh—don’t forget to network with colleagues and follow along with #welcoasummit @welcoa

6 | Sponsors and counting…

WELCOA’s 2018 Summit unites over 450 health promotion professionals representing some of the most innovative companies on the continent to brainstorm ways to improve the health of working individuals. You will leave inspired and ready to use what you’ve learned to improve health in your organization. Big thanks to our sponsors who made this possible.

7 | Benchmarks

We’re pretty jazzed about this one and it’s all thanks to you! You’ve inspired us to break down the walls of traditional wellness initiatives. The time has come—the workplaces of tomorrow must be places of health, healing and purpose for all to succeed. Join us in ushering in the future of work.

8 | The Month of Our 2018 Summit

Also 8 turned sideways is infinity representing the infinite ways you can grow and learn at this year’s Summit. The stage will be set from sun up August 15 to sundown August 17—we hope you’ll join us!

So what are you waiting for?

We’re nearly 3 months out and cannot wait to dig our toes in the sand with you! Don’t forget to buy your ticket today!