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A Look Back at 2022: Our Year of Safety


At the dawn of 2022, we had an epiphany. Our industry had a long-standing reputation for taking a reactive, downstream, approach to addressing well-being, and we hadn’t done sufficient work upstream to prevent the cause of diminished well-being or address the harm organizations had been causing.

The Big Picture

When we zoomed way out, what we saw in the big picture was a world that needed safety. As it relates to workplace wellness, WELCOA defines safety as, “knowing that you are safe from physical and psychological harm at work. Feeling secure enough to take calculated risks and show vulnerability. Free of concern about meeting basic life needs.”

Our Epiphany

Our epiphany was that if we care about and support our employees’ well-being, then we must also take responsibility for supporting their psychological and physical safety. The work toward improving physical health, mental health, employee engagement, retention, etc., could not be done without returning our focus to meeting this basic and essential need, and redesigning work, to amplify employee well-being in all aspects.

This year we called workplace wellness leaders to pivot away from the status quo, answer the call to meet the greatest need, and step into a place of powerful change.

2022 in Review

Looking Inward

We started the year by asking leaders to look inward, and consider the ways our organizations might be contributing to harm.

We gathered brilliant minds from various sectors of the workforce who were already doing this work, and they imparted their expert guidance through training, resources, tools, and collaboration.


We researched and found the best practices that set high-performing, well-workplaces apart from those following the status quo. We also gained insight into cultural shifts and industry trends that will set the stage for workplace well-being in 2023.

Creating Tools for Change

We developed a one-of-a kind tool to help workplace wellness leaders find wellness products and services that align with this new approach of upstream prevention and designing work for well-being.

Support and Collaboration

We created a safe meeting ground for leaders to come together and discuss challenges, opportunities, and ideas, and provide support to one another as they pivoted in their work.

We gathered together, in person, with leaders worldwide for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic at WELCOA Summit to learn from some of the industry’s best and brightest and ignite a movement of facing big challenges, leading through disruption, and redesigning work to amplify employee well-being.

And You

In between the resources, research, resources, events, and excitement, there was you. You were working to elevate your leadership, find your voice, rally support, drive change, and serve.

Together, we worked to prove the power of workplaces that prioritize safety and amplify employee well-being not just because it’s good for business, but because it’s essential to the future of all working people.

We’re not done yet. In fact, we’re just getting started. We’re planning on an even more game-changing year of work in 2023, and we have everything you need to stay equipped, informed, educated, and encouraged in the journey.

Will you stick around to be a part of this movement?

Access to the WELCOA platform provides you with everything you need to create stand-out, sustainable work in whatever role you play in workplace well-being. Get started with us today!

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