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Best Resources to Engage Employees in Wellness Right Away

Download a Sample Health Bulletin

A question we often hear is “How do I start using resources like Health Bulletins and Expert Interviews? There are so many resources and trainings available and am not sure how to use each in my efforts!” Well, thank your lucky stars because we have an answer for you!

Health Bulletins are beautifully designed, employee-facing resources provided each month for WELCOA members.

Each month, we produce and distribute these easy-to-read articles of important health information that you can share with your employees. Health Bulletins typically follow standard guidelines, set forth by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the American Heart Association, and more. We divide each article into four separate categories.

Better Safe

Articles in this category explore the importance of safety as it pertains to your and your family’s health. Topics might include bike and vehicle safety, caring for your children, and demonstrating safe sex.

Day In Day Out

Articles in this category explore the ways in which you can impact your health through lifestyle changes. Topics might include the importance of flossing, staying up on your vaccinations, and simple tips to avoid getting sick.

Take Charge

Articles in this category explore the importance of self-care. Topics might include simple ways to improve your skin, the importance of daily hygiene, and quick tips for moving more.

To Your Health

Articles in this category explore the broad strokes of your overall well-being. Topics might include the facts about hereditary diseases, getting screened for cancer, and early signs of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Best Practices

Engage your employees by sharing these throughout your organization each month. Log in to your WELCOA member portal and navigate to resources. Search for Health Bulletins in the list of over 400 tools and templates available and find the month you need! Send as a PDF to your team via email or print them out and post them throughout your office.