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Conference Green Flags: How to Choose the Right One for You

Professional conferences are back, and there are plenty of them to choose from. You have the budget, you have the time, you need the continuing education credits, and let’s be honest, you could use some time away from the office. So how do you choose the right one for you?

Consider what goals you want to achieve by attending a conference. Are you there to network, gain new skills, get continuing education credits, shop for vendors, or do team building with your colleagues? Whatever the goal, make sure that the conference you’re shopping for will meet that. It’s easy to get tempted by a nice location, celebrity keynotes, or great giveaways, but make sure the trip is worth your while and helps achieve your goals.

What kind of attendees will be at the conference? It’s important to align yourself with the target audience of the conference to get the most out of it. Are the attendees in your field, doing similar work, or the types of professionals you need to be networking with? Also, consider the usual attendance numbers. Depending on your goal, the size of the conference is something to consider. Want to cast a wide net of networking connections? Go with a larger conference. Want to develop a few quality professional relationships? Go with a smaller or medium-sized conference.

Most conferences publish their speaker lineup ahead of time to help you decide before you buy. Check out the speakers and make sure they’re either in your field of work, support your field of work, or can provide something else that’s a benefit to you as a person and professional. You should walk away from a conference feeling inspired, educated, and equipped. Make sure the speakers are relevant to you and your needs. Not familiar with a speaker? Google them, connect on LinkedIn, or check out their bio to get the scoop. You might just find your next role model.

Some conferences are themed around a very specific topic, specialty, or training scope, while others are more general to a certain field. Depending on your goal, makes sure the topics being addressed at the conference are relevant and meet your needs.

Networking Opportunities
Not only are conferences a perfect place for expanding your network with attendees, but a really great conference might even connect you with the thought leaders on the stage, or offer facilitated opportunities for you to ideate and collaborate with others. Some conferences share the list of vendors/exhibitors ahead of time, and that can also be helpful for you to vet any companies that you might like to connect and network with at the conference.

Leaves You Better Off Than You Came
Your time is too precious to leave a conference feeling exhausted and uninspired. You deserve to leave more educated, inspired, connected, rested, and ready to get to work than when you arrived. If a conference offers plenty of breaks, self-care time, and support for your well-being as you learn, that is one of the best green flags of all.

Looking for a Workplace Well-Being conference that will delight and inspire you to level up yourself and your profession? You’re invited to WELCOA Summit in San Diego, CA, September 25-28.
The WELCOA Summit is a one-of-a-kind leadership experience for workplace wellness and human resource professionals. It’s more than a conference. It fuses community, think tank, and an ultimate self-care experience into a full, four-day immersive experience. It’s where you go to make lifelong friends, connect with the wellness industry’s top leaders, and learn the latest trends and practices.

WELCOA Summit Green Flags

🟢 Goals – We’ll help you reach the goal of elevating workplace well-being in your company or organization, gain the skills necessary to advance as a workplace well-being professional, help you network with the most committed in the industry, and provide the ultimate self-care experience for you and/or your team.

🟢 Attendees – WELCOA Summit is for anyone involved in bettering the lives of employees. Our attendees range from CEOs and HR leaders to wellness coaches and benefits providers. It’s where you go to make lifelong friends, and quality, lasting connections.

🟢 Speakers – We curated a lineup of some of the best and brightest in the industry. They’ve been where you are. They know your pain points, and they’re humble and inspirational leaders that want to connect with and support you.

🟢 Topics – There is something for everyone. We’re covering every area of workplace well-being and even providing topics on how to help you care for yourself so that you can keep doing what you’re doing.

🟢 Networking Opportunities – There is no shortage of opportunities to connect with other attendees and collaborate and solve problems together. We’ve also built in opportunities for you to work hands-on with the speakers in intensive sessions, and there will be some of the most innovative well-being vendors at the ready to help you find solutions to your needs.

🟢 Leave You Better Off Than You Came – A combination of world-renowned speakers, musical artists, learning experiences, and activities will invigorate your heart, mind, and soul. This is your opportunity to feed your curiosity, build your community, sharpen your skills, and revive your well-being. You won’t be the same after WELCOA Summit.

Don’t miss the workplace wellness conference of the year! It could be the best thing you do for yourself and your workplace.

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