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The Frantic Rise of Consumer Wellness: Combat the Craze or Ride the Wave?

BY: Sara Martin, MS // CEO • WELCOA
& Heath Shackleford // Founder • Good.Must.Grow.

Wellness is currently en vogue, and in a very big way. Companies of all kinds want in on the gold rush. To put things into perspective, the global wellness economy is currently valued at $4.5 trillion, based on 2018 data. The vast majority of this value is generated by consumer products versus corporate solutions.

What does this tsunami of consumer wellness solutions mean for the corporate wellness industry? Well, it’s not all good news. In this viewpoint from Employee Benefit News, WELCOA CEO Sara Martin, and her co-author Heath Shackleford, Founder of Good.Must.Grow., discuss the challenges consumer wellness products and services create for workplace programs, as well as what we can all learn from them to better engage our workforces.

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Sara Martin
Sara Martin, MS // CEO • WELCOA
Sara has launched award-winning wellness programs and engineered work environments to create cultures of health across multiple industries. At WELCOA, her role is to ensure you continue to have access to the best products and information so you can achieve your professional and personal wellness goals.

Heath Shackleford
Heath Shackleford // Founder • Good.Must.Grow.
Heath Shackleford is an experienced marketer, social entrepreneur and national thought leader with 20 years of varied experience and a master’s degree in mass communications. Earlier in his career, he led strategic communications campaigns for global brands such as Arthur Andersen, Deloitte Consulting and Northwestern Mutual while with top-ten PR firm Ketchum in Chicago. He also has a decade of experience successfully promoting organizations that improve society through the delivery of health and wellness programs to millions of Americans. He’s made the rounds as a sports writer, an adjunct professor and even has experience in such things as hip hop songwriting and calf scrambling (just ask and he’ll explain).