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We Are Grateful For You

In this line of work, you rarely have the opportunity to see the full impact of the work. When we help someone navigate through the EAP to get to the right resource, we don’t get to see the ripple effect of that one call. When we change a policy to support parental leave, we don’t get to see the small sweet moments that cultivate a healthy relationship for years to come between a child and parent. At WELCOA, when we offer training on Design Thinking, we don’t get to see the creativity that blossoms from there and echoes throughout new offerings in your wellness program.

Even though we don’t get to see it, we do the work because we trust the outcome will be good. That’s what makes this community of people so amazing. You are formidable advocates for your people. How do we know? We interviewed some of our Well Workplace Award Winners and we were floored. The goodness seeping from these conversations literally brought us to tears. We know that it’s not just the Award Winners, it’s all of you.

We see you. On phone calls, in emails, and commentary in our programs—we are endlessly impressed by all of you. We are proud to be in this community with you. We are eager to support your success. We are in your corner.

Keep going. Collectively, as a community, we impact approximately 13 million employees. Can you imagine the lasting impact we will have on the future of work! Here is the best part. We are just getting started!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are so grateful to get to do this work alongside you.