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Stay Well Balanced™ with Mindful Eating

WELCOA’s Well Balanced newsletter sources holistic wellness content from various experts around the country. Each month we provide science-backed, hype-free content with information that’s most helpful and important to your organization’s culture. Centered on helping readers thrive in work and life, each issue contains:

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  • A simple and healthy recipe
  • A nutrition article
  • A lifestyle article with an Ask the Expert call out
  • A mindful move article
  • An engaging infographic with key ideas from articles inside
Jen Arnold
January’s issue of Well Balanced features an article from Jen Arnold, MS, RD, LDN from Redesigning Wellness. She highlights the importance of mindful eating before, during and after the holiday season. Her key takeaways include The Power of the Pause, Ditching the Scale and Taking Control of Your Food Habits.

Well Balanced Tidbit

Mindful eating is so much more than just paying attention and slowing down when we eat. It involves the entire process of eating from awareness of why you’re eating when you start, to where you invest your energy when you’re done eating. By taking time to appreciate what your body does for you, you’ll begin to understand that food is fuel and your body — and mind — deserve the best!

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