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WELCOA Announces the Release of the Financial Wellness @ Work Video Training Series to Empower Employees to Build Financial Wellness

WELCOA is excited to introduce the Financial Wellness @ Work Employee Video Training Series. Expanding on WELCOA’s top-selling Financial Wellness @ Work book, which has helped thousands of employees achieve financial well-being, the educational video training series leverages the same pragmatic and realistic approach. Employers are increasingly looking for scalable financial education solutions for their employees. The appeal? It all adds up to improved personal finances for employees and increased productivity at the workplace, giving employers a competitive edge in building a productive workforce.

With the great feedback we’ve received on the content of the book, we wanted to capture the key points from each chapter and get direct input from the book’s author in video format. In the Expert Interview, Making Cents of Financial Wellness, I sat down with the book’s author, Jeff Rubleski, to discuss why the chapter topics are important and to gain insight on how key concepts can be applied by the reader. We’ve condensed each chapter video to about 15 minutes of great content, each beginning with a conversation between myself and Jeff about the chapter highlights, followed by additional insight from Jeff about the significant topics and messages in the chapter. The insight shared in each video chapter will reinforce the content contained in the book, which serves to motivate employees to take action to enhance their peace of mind through financial wellbeing and understand how to increase financial net worth.

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The Financial Wellness @ Work Employee Video Training Series will help employees make better choices about their personal finances and will encourage participation in company-sponsored benefit programs, as employees will better understand the incredible financial value of company-sponsored benefits. Meant to be a companion resource to the book, the video training series can easily be incorporated into any financial wellness program through lunch and learn, web portal or other electronic formats. The full kit comes with downloadable videos, interactive worksheets to help employees with budgeting and net worth calculations as well as PDF resources and references to help employees to apply the principles outlined in the video and book.

WELCOA is proud to offer this resource at an affordable rate for any organization. To learn more, check out the product page.

Ryan Picarella, President