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WELCOA Select Matches Great Wellness Vendors with Great Companies

The marketplace for wellness tech has grown tremendously and as it expands and welcomes wellness companies of all shapes and sizes, it has become difficult for employers and wellness professionals to sift through a vast number of options and find solutions that best fit their unique needs.

Technology, consulting, training, and wellness products play an important role in our ability to successfully scale well-being programs. As the marketplace for wellness tech grows, employers and wellness professionals are changing the way they interact with wellness vendors. To suit the unique needs of their companies, employees, and clients, employers and wellness professionals are moving toward an approach of creating a suite of wellness services to solve for all aspects of well-being for their employees. This makes resources and solutions accessible for both the end user’s unique needs and challenges.

With these changes and trends in mind, WELCOA has developed a one-of-a-kind vendor selection experience that takes into account the size of the wellness tech market and the unique needs of its buyers.

WELCOA Select is the only vendor database that harnesses the power of WELCOA’s expertise and vast Member network, allowing buyers to browse hundreds of corporate wellness vendors and providers, and filter to meet their unique needs.


Buyers can search for solutions specific to well-being, such as professional training to develop employees, consulting to develop their business, and wellness solutions to support employee needs. From there they can search by features, functions, industry specialty, workforce type, service type, region, and company size served. This function allows buyers to drill down to find only the companies that meet their needs and avoid wasting time researching those that don’t.

Once buyers drill down to the vendors that meet their criteria, they can view snapshots, ratings, detailed profiles, and can even request to book discovery calls or demos. No more Googling for hours on end or mismatched RFPs. This is one place to handle your full vendor shopping experience.


Having a vendor listing on WELCOA Select means wellness vendors are more accessible and visible to their target audience, WELCOA Members and buyers. WELCOA Members make better buyers because they have been trained to stay rooted in strategy, understand exactly what they are looking for in a vendor partnership, and are prepared and supported by the decision-makers in their companies when they are ready to buy.

Another unique feature of the WELCOA Select shopping experience is that WELCOA Members can rate the vendors they have used. WELCOA Select ratings are secure ratings from verified wellness professionals. When a WELCOA Company says something is great, it holds more weight as they are trained in the proven Well Workplace Process, and according to research done by Returns On Wellbeing Institute, WELCOA Members are more strategic in their approach to building wellness programs and vendor partnerships.

Our hope is that WELCOA Select brings great wellness vendors and great employers together to improve the way workplaces improve the well-being of all working people.

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