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Committed & Aligned Leadership

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WELCOA Special Event – Leadership Strategies for Workplace Wellness Success

Many companies are moving in the direction of strategically aligning departments to bring to life a shared vision for the future of work. Executive leaders and well-being professionals are invited to learn what is at stake when the company’s well-being strategy is siloed and how to amplify and enable departments who are already doing great work in their organizations.

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[Leadership Alignment Toolkit] Tool 9: Leadership Workplace Wellness Program Feedback – Focus Group Facilitation Guide

Facilitation guide aimed at collecting feedback and ideas from your leadership team/stakeholders on the progress of your Workplace Wellness Program.

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[Leadership Alignment Toolkit] Tool 7: Walk the Walk: Leader Wellness “Rhythm” Meetings Guide

A facilitation guide and series of prompts for leaders to put wellness at the front and center during weekly individual and team meetings.

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[Leadership Alignment Toolkit] Tool 6: Individual Wellness Plan (IWP) Template

A fillable template owned by the leader (or team member) for wellness self-development and role modeling.

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[Leadership Alignment Toolkit] Tool 5: Business Allyship: A Playbook for Influence

A reference guide aimed at developing your coaching and influence to drive buy-in, decision making, and ultimately the business partnership needed to make your Workplace Wellness Program a success.

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[Leadership Alignment Toolkit] Tool 4: Stakeholder Workplace Wellness Program “Personas” Worksheet

A fillable worksheet (with examples) used to establish and communicate progress and measures of success to your key stakeholders.

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[Leadership Alignment Toolkit] Tool 3: The Internal Workplace Wellness Evaluation Plan

A fillable worksheet (with examples template aimed at helping you understand and empathize with your key stakeholders by creating “personas” for each of your stakeholder groups.

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[Leadership Alignment Toolkit] Tool 2: Workplace Wellness Organizational Identity Audit: Facilitation Guide

A guided facilitation guide aimed at facilitating a discussion around wellness integration into key organizational identity elements including organizational purpose, mission, vision, values, and behaviors.

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