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Weight Loss

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Dee Eastman

The Power of Community

[ 2018 Summit / Day 2 ] Hear from Dee Eastman as she shares examples of communities that are impacting our current medical model and explore proven strategies to harness the power of relationships to transform your world.

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Dr. Ann Kulze: Helping Your Employees Weigh Less for Life is Possible

As a wellness professional charged with the health and well-being of your employees, you know how difficult it can be to facilitate programs that promote healthy weight loss. South Carolina physician and award winning author, Dr. Ann Kulze knows all too well about this struggle and she is on a personal crusade to help American businesses assist their employees win the battle for better health!

In this WELCOA expert interview, Dr. David Hunnicutt sits down with Dr. Kulze to discuss her passion and knowledge on nutrition and exercise as well as the secrets to losing weight the healthy way.

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Physical Activity for a Healthy Weight

Helping your employees understand why exercise is important, how much they need, and how they can stay motivated just got a little easier with WELCOA’s Tool-Kit on Physical Activity for a Healthy Weight. Specifically, this WELCOA Tool-Kit consists of a high-quality presentation on physical activity, handout masters for distribution, and an in-depth fact sheet to help you prepare.

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Dr. Ann Kulze: Managing Weight at Work

Ann Kulze is a physician on a personal crusade to help Americans eat and live well. She is a nationally recognized expert and motivational speaker in the areas of nutrition, healthy lifestyles and disease prevention. In this expert interview, Dr. Kulze shares her passion and knowledge on nutrition, diets and weight loss.

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