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Burnout Blitz

Employee burnout seems to be a popular new buzz-term in the world of corporate wellness. Perhaps it stems from our connectedness to work through technology or our desire to be the best, burnout seems to be on the rise prompting researchers, practitioners and employers to begin taking action. As a nation, we are just beginning to recognize the long term effects and often dramatic impact that employee burnout can have on organizational wellbeing. It seems that somewhere along the way chasing the American Dream may have interfered with the self-care required to keep burnout at bay.


Luckily there are people dedicated to beating burnout. Board Certified Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Jeff Jernigan PhD, LPC, BCPPC, is nationally recognized as a thought leader regarding arguably the toughest workplace environments, physician burnout and first responder recovery. He and his wife Nancy, have designed resilience programs serving more than 20,000 healthcare professionals and their families worldwide. Dr. Jernigan is so passionate about his message that he shares it with everyone who will listen. His extensive experience has led him to some simple yet proven solutions for burnout that include building skills to increase resilience, reduce “stress-fatigue,” improve self-care, and influence mindset. His work highlights the logical yet often unrecognized ways in which burnout can occur among our employees, and provides tips for avoiding the burnout rut.

Take for example his concept of “stress fatigue,” which is a term he uses to describe the cumulative effects that stress has on each of us at work, even when our stress stems from seemingly fun non-work activities (think planning for a party or a fun vacation). He describes how stress from planning our weekend activities only adds to the stress we experience during the work week. Over time this “stress fatigue” neurologically impacts our cognition and reasoning, breaking down our immune system, messing up our memory, and robbing us of motivation.

Dr. Jernigan’s tips for beating “stress fatigue” and overall burnout are featured in this month’s Life On the Move employee wellbeing program. This holistic platform is on a mission to help improve your employee’s lives in as little as 10 minutes per day by providing meaningful health information, activity tracking features, friendly competition and social support on an easy-to-use online platform. There are many ways to interact with the program!

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About Dr. Jeff Jernigan

Dr. Jernigan is a Board Certified Clinical Psychologist and Chief Executive Officer for the Hidden Value Group, a network organization providing healing, health, and hope internationally in places needing relief from poverty, hunger, and disease.  He also serves as the Clinical Director for Full Circle Recovery, a mental health hospital and addiction recovery center providing inpatient and outpatient services.  Jeff is a published author and nationally recognized thought leader regarding physician burnout and first-responder recovery.  Jeff and his wife, Dr. Nancy Jernigan, have designed resilience programs serving more than 20,000 healthcare professionals and their families worldwide.  For more information about Dr. Jernigan go to: 


Stay tuned for Dr. Jernigan’s upcoming podcast with WELCOA’s President and CEO, Ryan Picarella.

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