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The Love Habits Workshop

From Well-Wishing to Well-Doing:
The Love Habits Workshop

An exclusive workshop during Love Summit 2017.

Join Ryan Picarella, President and CEO of the Wellness Council of America, Hanlie Van Wyk, hate crimes specialist and Lead Researcher for BRATLAB, and Andrew Sykes, Chief Habit Starter at Habits at Work in this exclusive Love Summit workshop. Come learn how the power of love and wellness can revolutionize both business and people. You’ll engage in hands-on strategies for creating the habits of love, and we’ll practice the power of love together. Come turn love into action.

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Love Summit 2017

WELCOA CEO Ryan Picarella will be speaking at the 2nd Love Summit business conference on October 12th and 13th in Cincinnati, Ohio, and we’d love to see you there. He will be sharing the stage with the Love Summit’s outstanding speaker lineup of 30+ business, government and thought leaders who are eager to share the most pragmatic methods and effective tools for creating a more sustainable, just and compassionate world. Focused on the intersection of smart business and compassionate leadership, the Love Summit aims to raise awareness and inspire new, sustainable methods for solving social and economic issues.

Registration tickets include:

  • 2-day conference at LPK brand design agency’s global HQ outstanding event space
  • International speaker lineup of 30 revolutionary business and thought leaders
  • Inspiring, game-changing TED-style talks & fireside chats
  • Hands-on workshops for learning the practical application of heart-centered business & leadership practices
  • Highly curated networking events
  • Complimentary snacks and beverages
Use discount code WELCOAFriends to receive 50% off!  Register today »

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