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Offering Psychedelics, Like Ketamine, as an Employee Benefit

There is growing evidence and interest in psychedelic medication as a way to improve mental well-being. What implications does this have for employers? Will psychedelics be the next Ozempic?

Key Takeaways from WELCOA Summit 2023

A look back at the takeaways, highlights, and power of the 2023 WELCOA Summit.

The Power of Workplace Friendships: Building Stronger, More Connected Teams

Workplace leaders who apply intentional strategies in a few key areas of social well-being can create stronger, more connected, and more successful organizations where employees thrive together through the power of workplace friendships.

Science Alone Is Not Enough

If we are going to positively change the health and well-being for people in every nation, in every community, in every workplace, and in every team, science alone is not enough. We also need art to help us do that work.

Why Emotional Intelligence is the Key to Organizational Wellness

Emotionally intelligent leaders help to foster a culture of psychological safety, inclusion and belonging, and employee voice – things that are essential to creating healthy organizations.

Why Resilience is the Cure for Feeling Overwhelmed

Before the COVID pandemic, workers talked about not having capacity and a less than optimum work/life balance. Now, after over 40+ months of the pandemic, with work-from-home and return to/hybrid work dynamics, social justice, and hyper-partisan politics, workers feel like they have been pushed to the brink of exhaustion from feelings of being overwhelmed.

10 Ways to Nourish Your Well-Being at WELCOA Summit

Can you imagine going to a conference and coming back even more refreshed than when you showed up? Check out these 10 opportunities to nourish your well-being at WELCOA Summit this year.

Can We (Please) Move Beyond Imposter Syndrome?

While it’s crucial to address one’s self-doubt, slapping the label “imposter syndrome” on it might not be the best approach. Learn why this in this blog.

7 Habits of Highly Happy People

Consider these 7 habits and rituals to add to your weekly routine to boost your own happiness – they are guaranteed to elevate your mood and put a smile on your face.

Massachusetts’ Workplace Wellness Program Law May Set the Standard

Massachusetts happens to have one of the most comprehensive workplace wellness program laws, and it may just set the bar for other states to follow.