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COVID-19 Employee Education Toolkit

Toolkit 2 is a COVID-19 employee education packet to support your employees’ wellness needs in all seven areas of WELCOA’s Definition of Wellness including health, meaning, safety, connection, achievement, growth and resiliency. In this toolkit you will find content in the following sections:

1. Establishing a New Normal for Home
2. Establishing a New Normal for Work
3. Managing Anxiety
4. Social Distancing and Connection Care
5. Physical Activity at Home
6. Nutritious Food
7. Rest and Play
8. Leveraging Your Sphere of Influence In a Pandemic
9. Financial Well-being
10. Managing Expectations
11. Finding Balance
12. Connection, Empathy and Compassion
13. Setting Up Your Home Office
14. Being an Influencer for Good
15. Gratitude
16. What’s Going Well?
17. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay
18. Boosting Your Immune System
19. Medical Consumerism During a Pandemic
20. Mindful Mini Breaks

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