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How COVID-19 Is Impacting the Workplace

Resources for employees and employers during this time.

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The WELCOA Pulse – “How to Build an Effective Financial Wellness Program” with Todd Barden

Employer-sponsored financial wellness programs first started with retirement planning. But these programs, responding to the needs of employees, have expanded beyond retirement planning to include equity education, personal finance education such as budgeting, savings, and offerings that deliver advice and behavioral changes through financial coaching and planning. This is not a new trend borne out of the impacts of COVID-19. Rather, COVID-19 has accelerated the trend toward the adoption of employee financial wellness programs and solutions and, one could argue, turned it into a must-have corporate benefit.

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The WELCOA Pulse – “What’s Working & What’s Not in Workplace Well-Being Programs” with Returns on Wellbeing Institute

WELCOA is studying our highest ranking Well Workplace Award winners to gain a better understanding of what lies underneath their success. Get a sneak peek of what is working and what is not in workplace well-being programs based on brand new research.

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The WELCOA Pulse – “The New Way Forward for Women in the Workplace” with Teresa Tanner (Reserve Squad)

In the past year, we have seen female workplace participation levels drop to a 33-year low. Teresa will talk about real solutions companies can implement NOW to support women as they balance life and work.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit

While we continue to dream forward about the possibilities for well workplaces, we know there are some organizations that are needing to move quickly and require tools and resources to aid in building and communicating policies around the COVID-19 Vaccine. This toolkit was built in partnership with Barbara Zabawa, JD, MPH, Attorney/President, Center for Health and Wellness Law, LLC.

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The WELCOA Pulse – Workr Beeing

Katina & Patricia of Workr Beeing are psychologists that study the relationships between humans and work, and they cannot wait to share with the WELCOA network what data and insights they have gathered to answer these questions and more!

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The WELCOA Pulse – Stella Grizont

Members of the WELCOA community have spent weeks exploring the cause and effects of burnout and resiliency in the workplace with subject matter expert and WOOPAAH Founder Stella Grizont. We’re now bringing the results to you with new insights around self-compassion, focus and dealing with negative emotions in a more healthy way.

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Mandating the Vaccine

With COVID-19 upending lives and workplaces worldwide, the anticipation of a vaccine is apparent. If and when one becomes available, what legal issues should employers and wellness programs consider going into 2021?

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The WELCOA Pulse – Anjali Kataria

Join WELCOA CEO, Sara Martin, MS, as she speaks with Anjali Kataria, CEO and Co-Founder of Mytonomy, a leader in patient experience cloud solutions, to address this timely topic and the potential impact on your organization.

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The WELCOA Pulse – Jim Purcell & Steven Van Yoder

On this WELCOA Pulse webinar with the co-founders of the Returns on Wellbeing Institute, learn about how an organizational focus on employee financial well-being is important now more than ever.

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The WELCOA Pulse – Israel Greene

In this episode, WELCOA Interim CEO Sara Martin speaks with Certified Speaker, Leadership Trainer, and Coach Israel Greene about the link between racism and wellness.

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