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Mental Health at the Workplace

To be truly well, employees have to flourish physically, socially, emotionally and mentally. But how good of a job are we doing addressing issues of mental health at work, and what is the impact to our employees and our organizations if we ignore this critical area of wellness? Our Mental Health at the Workplace toolkit is designed to help you understand the current state of mental health in the workplace, connect with personal stories, learn from high performing organizations and take action today.

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The Heart of the Workforce: How to Support Essential Workers

Rewatch our conversation with Maria Dee from Kaiser Permanente and Mitch Martens from Huntington Health as we discussed the role of essential workers—inside and outside the health care sector—and how all employers can take lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to support the well-being of this critical faction of the workforce.

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The WELCOA Pulse – Feedback that Supports Safety and Trust

In this Pulse, join us as we chat through this skill set from our expertise and experience as leaders. We’ll provide tactical methods of delivering feedback and outline why this is crucial for creating healthy and engaging organizational cultures. You’ll leave with the ability to safely deliver feedback to your peers, leaders, and/or direct reports in a way that supports a safe and trusting environment.

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WELCOA Special Event – Leadership Strategies for Workplace Wellness Success

Many companies are moving in the direction of strategically aligning departments to bring to life a shared vision for the future of work. Executive leaders and well-being professionals are invited to learn what is at stake when the company’s well-being strategy is siloed and how to amplify and enable departments who are already doing great work in their organizations.

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The WELCOA Pulse – The Addiction Epidemic and its Impact on Employers

In this WELCOA Pulse event, we discuss the addiction epidemic and its impact on the workforce, provide a framework to help participants think of addiction as a biopsychosocial issue, and talk about the challenges of stigma in promoting healthy attitudes about substance use.

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The WELCOA Pulse: Supporting Parents at Work – Youth Mental Health

In this WELCOA Pulse session, join youth mental health experts Kee Dunning and Dr. Hansa Bhargava as they share the impact of their work with the Well Beings public media health campaign to raise awareness, reduce stigma and discrimination, and change the national conversation around youth mental health.

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The WELCOA Pulse: Find Your Unicorn Space – How Reclaiming Your Creative Life is the Key to Unlocking Wellness

Who are you beyond a parent, a partner, and a professional? And why does this matter? Watch this WELCOA Pulse as Eve Rodsky unpacks lessons on leading a creative and purposeful life, how to unlock your creativity, and the secret formula to making stronger friendships and new ways to approach happiness.

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[Infographic] Q4-2021 Survey: Supporting Employee Mental Health

Nearly 1 in 2 organizations believe their employees are comfortable adopting new technology and a digital-first approach for their mental health. But not all solutions are created equal. Learn how employers are addressing mental health in the workplace and what they are looking for in their vendor partners.

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The WELCOA Pulse: “Advancing Health Equity” with Krista Stepney

In this WELCOA Pulse, we explore how employers can address health inequity and create greater well-being among their workforce, particularly those who are a part of under-resourced and marginalized communities.

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[Quick Guide] Taking Inventory of Grief in the Workplace

Grief is more than death or divorce. It is when something familiar ends or changes or the cumulative effect of many changes. All of these can impact workplace productivity, engagement, and on-the-job errors. Use this quick guide to take an inventory of what may be impacting your workplace.

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[White Paper] Benefits of Grief Support

Combining professional expertise with personal experience for powerful results, Ilana Shapiro Yahdav and Kim Hanlon of Yahdav & Hanlon created this white paper to provide facts to illustrate the impact of grief in the workplace. Grief support is an important part of a workplace wellness strategy that can boost productivity, engagement, resilience, and retention.

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