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Mental Health at the Workplace

To be truly well, employees have to flourish physically, socially, emotionally and mentally. But how good of a job are we doing addressing issues of mental health at work, and what is the impact to our employees and our organizations if we ignore this critical area of wellness? Our Mental Health at the Workplace toolkit is designed to help you understand the current state of mental health in the workplace, connect with personal stories, learn from high performing organizations and take action today.

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[Infographic] Understanding the Grief Landscape

The grief landscape is complicated, especially at the workplace. This infographic provides some great tips to better understanding the grief landscape.

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[Infographic] Why Corporate Grief Support

Why offer grief support at the workplace? This infographic outlines some of the top reasons why your organization should make space for grief support.

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[Infographic] 5 Things to Know About Grief in the Workplace

Making room for grief at the workplace can significantly improve productivity, engagement, loyalty, and retention. Learn more about the sources, signs, symptoms, and cost of grief along with simple things you can do to make space fore grief in the workplace with this infographic.

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[Quick Guide] Conversations About Workplace Grief

This quick guide was designed to help ease into conversations around grief at the workplace. Learn top tips for having a conversation around grief, how to be a compassionate listener, and common grief myths to avoid.

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How to Buy Well-being Solutions – Insider Secrets and New Tech

Investment dollars for workforce technology have reached 11 billion in just six months. This creates a robust marketplace of innovative solutions for employers to serve their workforce. It also creates a complicated buying landscape. Check out this WELCOA Special Event where attendees had the opportunity to submit questions in advance to our panel of experts.

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The WELCOA Pulse: “I’m Still Standing – Rising Up with Resilience When Life Knocks You Down” with Rachel Druckenmiller

During this live WELCOA Pulse webinar, Rachel Druckenmiller shares with us her own personal story of resilience and what she has learned about how we can better navigate change and rise up in the face of adversity. “These difficult moments have given me perspective, time to pause, reflect and build my own resilience. It’s through…

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The WELCOA Pulse – “Beneath the Surface: Why Mental Well-Being is Critical in the Workplace” with Sheila Hamilton

In this episode of The WELCOA Pulse, hear Sheila Hamilton’s story and how her experience and the wider issues around mental health linked to suicide led to the meaningful work she now does at Beyond Well Solutions.

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[Quick Guide] Beneath the Surface: Why Mental Well-Being Is Critical in the Workplace

When a workplace fosters an environment of care and support for the overall wellness and mental health of its employees, the impacts can be significant. Use this Quick Guide for three ways employers can help with mental well-being in the workplace.

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Sample Assessment: Creating Psychologically Safe Workplaces

Do you think that your team is psychologically safe? Find out if your team is high, medium, or low on psychological safety with this assessment. Take time to consciously improve the psychological safety climate for your team today!

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[Quick Guide] Creating Psychologically Safe Workplaces

Psychological safety is a key mechanism that predicts numerous positive outcomes for employees and organizations. Use this Quick Guide to find out what psychological safety at work entails and how to take steps to creating psychologically safe workplaces.

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