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The Heart of the Workforce: How to Support Essential Workers

Rewatch our conversation with Maria Dee from Kaiser Permanente and Mitch Martens from Huntington Health as we discussed the role of essential workers—inside and outside the health care sector—and how all employers can take lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to support the well-being of this critical faction of the workforce.

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Dee Eastman

The Power of Community

[ 2018 Summit / Day 2 ] Hear from Dee Eastman as she shares examples of communities that are impacting our current medical model and explore proven strategies to harness the power of relationships to transform your world.

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Arthur Woods

Reaching Your North Star: Unlocking the Science of Personal Purpose

[ 2018 Summit / Day 2 ] Arthur Woods shares Imperative’s latest discoveries and how leading organizations and practitioners are applying them to transform the way they connect, collaborate and chart their direction.

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Work at Love, Love at Work

[ 2018 Summit / Day 1 ] Great leaders have one thing in common: love is the core tenet on which they stand. In this keynote presentation, hear what Kim Harrison has to say about love in the workplace.

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Expert Interview: Exploring Purpose in Work and Life with Reggie Hammond

The question of purpose is one that has permeated every aspect of our lives, including the workplace. As employees discover what energizes them in their daily lives, workplaces have begun to recognize how pivotal the recognition of purpose is. How do we find purpose in our work and lives? What does it mean to answer a calling? WELCOA sits down with coach and leadership expert Reggie Hammond to find out the answers.

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