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Get to Your Destination in a Healthy Way: Travel Wellness

John Ayo provides helpful advice (based on his experience) that shows business travelers how to stay healthy and productive while on the road, and ensuring that you perform at your best.

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Sample Packing Checklist: Travel Wellness

Use this guide to help you identify if you have packed all of things that you will need for your business trip. It is simply a list of things that will help you be prepared to travel with your health and wellness in mind.

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Expert Interview: How Arianna Huffington Wants You to Thrive

In 2007, Arianna Huffington had a major health wake-up call. Her demanding career was wreaking havoc on her health, and like many professionals, she found the pervasive definition of success one that was fundamentally at odds with wellbeing. Since then, she has not only sought to thrive more in her own life, but set out to help others do the same.

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Expert Interview: Just What the Sleep Doctor Ordered with Dr. Michael Breus

How does the quality of our sleep impact our performance at work? Dr. Michael Breus, The Sleep Doctor, would tell you it depends on who you are. He’s defined four chronotypes for sleep that he can use to predict the best time for you to ask for a raise, go on a job interview or participate in a brainstorming session. Read on to learn a new slant on sleep and the workplace.

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