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Well Workplace Checklist Questions

Take the guess work out of determining your organization’s wellness strategy. Download WELCOA’s Well Workplace Checklist questions to prepare your team for the checklist online.

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Key Mindsets for Mastering Checklist

Use this quick guide to help you prepare to take the Well Workplace Checklist. Each page outlines the themes and key mindsets at each of our 7 Benchmarks. Complete these worksheets with leadership and/or your wellness team to help determine your strategic wellness goals.

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Rick Hecht

Social Determinants of Health

[ 2018 Summit / Day 2 ] Rick Hecht talks about the social determinants of health include things like access to healthy food, clean drinking water, reliable transportation, access to good education, safe housing, employment opportunities, and access to good health care.

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Heath Shackleford

The Strong Link Between Social Responsibility and Wellness

[ 2018 Summit / Day 2 ] In this panel discussion, social impact experts will draw direct links between socially responsible business practices and gains in employee wellness.

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A Habit a Day

[ 2018 Summit / Day 2 ] Join Andrew Sykes for a stroll through the mysterious landscape of influence science and explore the best ways to make new habits easy to start, and impossible to quit!

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Micromoves to Build a Positive Workplace

[ 2018 Summit / Day 1 ] Culture change can seem intimidating. However it does not always need to be an intimidating and costly process. In this keynote presentation, Chris White will share several research-based interventions to apply right away in your organization.

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The Keys to Workplace Mental Health: Voice. Value. Vigilance.

[ 2018 Summit / Day 1 ] In this 2018 Summit Keynote, Mettie Spiess discusses the evolution of mental health in the workplace and how to create supportive stigma-free environments that save lives! Together, we apply the power of peer-to-peer support to increase employee engagement and decrease workplace anxiety. Walk away with tools and strategies to start and sustain an effective mental wellness movement in your organization.

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Our Logic Model for Employee Wellness Programs

[ FREE RESOURCE ] WELCOA’s 7 Benchmarks approach is a logic model comprised of seven iterative steps that, when completed in an aligned way, will ensure that you will have a truly meaningful and successful wellness initiative design to achieve what you want it to achieve.

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The Unmentionables of Wellness with Alexandra Drane

We spend a lot of time in the wellness industry collecting health data on the employees and community members we serve. What risk factors are really behind the poor health pandemic? Are we collecting the right data if we want to bend the trend? There are aspects of wellness that people don’t want to talk about or are afraid to talk about. Alexandra Drane discusses what some of “The Unmentionables” are and what do we do about them.

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Health Culture Audit

Capturing a company’s culture has been made straightforward through the development of WELCOA’s Sample Culture Questionnaire. Used by numerous companies, this powerful tool helps to make the data collection process easy.

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