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Activating Wellness Program Participation

There is definitely an art to creating enthusiasm and increasing active participation in your company’s worksite wellness initiative. Move the needle when it comes to increasing employee participation and engagement in your programs.

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Well Workplace Checklist Questions

Take the guess work out of determining your organization’s wellness strategy. Download WELCOA’s Well Workplace Checklist questions to prepare your team for the checklist online.

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Cory Smith

Mental and Emotional Wellbeing is the Way

[ 2018 Summit / Day 2 ] Cory Smith shares anecdotes of what companies and individuals are doing to address these challenges and why now is the best time to step forward as a leader for emotional, social, and mental wellbeing in one’s organization.

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Heath Shackleford

The Strong Link Between Social Responsibility and Wellness

[ 2018 Summit / Day 2 ] In this panel discussion, social impact experts will draw direct links between socially responsible business practices and gains in employee wellness.

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The Relationship Comes First

[ 2018 Summit / Day 2 ] Come explore with Jason Lauritsen and discover how designing the employee experience through the lens of a healthy relationship will focus your employee engagement efforts for greater impact.

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Arthur Woods

Reaching Your North Star: Unlocking the Science of Personal Purpose

[ 2018 Summit / Day 2 ] Arthur Woods shares Imperative’s latest discoveries and how leading organizations and practitioners are applying them to transform the way they connect, collaborate and chart their direction.

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The Healthy Workplace Nudge

[ 2018 Summit / Day 1 ] Organizations face a growing health cost crisis that threatens to swallow profits and drain the vitality of their workforce unless we adopt a radically different approach to workplace health and well-being. Rex Miller addresses this challenge with research by more than 100 corporate leaders and experts over a two-year project.

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Job Satisfaction Survey

To know what policies will be most effective when designing your worksite wellness program, you must first engage employees and get to know where they’re coming from.

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The Unmentionables of Wellness with Alexandra Drane

We spend a lot of time in the wellness industry collecting health data on the employees and community members we serve. What risk factors are really behind the poor health pandemic? Are we collecting the right data if we want to bend the trend? There are aspects of wellness that people don’t want to talk about or are afraid to talk about. Alexandra Drane discusses what some of “The Unmentionables” are and what do we do about them.

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The Engagement Gap

To better tap into the physical activity landscape among corporate America, we surveyed hundreds of employers and employees to find out if there was a gap between what resources employees find motivating and what employers currently provide. Keep reading to check out our survey results, and get four specific recommendations to help employees move more…

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