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Our Tools for Successful Wellness Programs


Spelling Out Our Tools for Successful Wellness Programs

We spend most of our time communicating with our thousands of dedicated members through email, phone and even LinkedIn to find out what pains you most at work. Each day we leave more and more inspired by the work that YOU are doing in your organizations. It is our mission to ensure you feel supported, challenged, and inspired in the work you are doing and the humans you are impacting. A WELCOA Membership is comprehensive and we’ve got your back from Benchmark 1 through receiving a Platinum Level Well Workplace Award. Our resources range from A to Z but we’ll start with W-E-L-C-O and A.

W   Well Workplace Process

The Well Workplace Process takes you on a journey from evaluation and education to validation and designation. You will be guided through our Checklist to evaluate your client’s or organization’s wellness culture. After taking the Checklist you’ll be introduced to our Seven Benchmarks for Building a Results-Oriented Workplace Wellness Program—where we’ll provide the education to discover what your organization needs to succeed. These benchmarks serve as a framework for building successful wellness programs around whole employee wellness. Get certified in the Seven Benchmarks and you’ll be one step closer to aligning your organization with our proven method for designing and delivering an engaging wellness culture.

E   Education

Our framework puts your organization’s needs first! Personalize your educational journey by gaining access to hundreds of resources.

  • Quick guides and toolkits like those compiled for the Seven Benchmarks will help you navigate through WELCOA’s Well Workplace Process
  • Expert interviews and case studies will help you compare corporate wellness ideas and obtain the knowledge you need to continue moving forward
  • Sample templates and engagement surveys help you plan and evaluate your wellness strategy
  • Workplace wellness articles, blogs and our weekly e-newsletter Well Informed help you remain informed of healthy industry updates and changes

L   Learning

Choosing initiatives that Support the Whole Employee—or Benchmark 5 of our Seven Benchmarks—means bringing the right intervention into your organization as well as the vital materials to resonate your message. Select from a library of more than 40 employee education materials like monthly health bulletins and health observances to our Well Balanced resource to fortify your objectives. You can also Receive discounts on a bundle of wellness products in the WELCOA store.

C   Certifications and CEUs

WELCOA provides training opportunities to enhance personal and professional skills with monthly webinars, quarterly certifications courses and our annual Summit—many of which are approved for continuing education units through HRCI, SHRM and NCHEC. Earn or maintain your WELCOA Faculty Designation to maximize your professional credentials and worksite wellness program potential. Access the WELCOA Institute to master more than 20 wellness courses.

O   Organizational Development

Each year thousands of business and health leaders are transforming their organization’s culture and sharing their wellness value stories with the strategies and approaches provided by WELCOA. Our process puts control in the hands of people—to create a personalized approach that fits their organization. We’re continuing to evolve our approach to support whole employee wellness that helps you create a framework to bring about positive organizational change! Get a preview of our 7 Benchmarks for developing workplace wellness programs and discover exciting new tools and strategies for improving wellness in the workplace.

A   Awards

The vision of the Well Workplace Process is to protect and enhance the health and wellbeing of all employees and is embedded in the fabric of an organization. To date, thousands of corporations, healthcare systems, public agencies, and educational institutions have met our worksite wellness criteria and earned designation as a Well Workplace Award Winner. Apply the skills you’ve learned in your organization and then apply for our Well Workplace Award to join the circle of America’s Healthiest Companies who have used WELCOA’s Seven Benchmarks approach to help build and shape their wellness programs.

WELCOA Membership

No matter the size of your organization—a WELCOA Membership provides you with training and tools you need to change organizational culture, increase engagement, contain costs, and improve the lives of your employees. Ideal for workplace wellness and human resource professionals and benefits consultants—our solution encourages organizations to fuse knowledge and engage all team members to design your own highly personalized approach.