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Get to Your Destination in a Healthy Way: Travel Wellness

John Ayo provides helpful advice (based on his experience) that shows business travelers how to stay healthy and productive while on the road, and ensuring that you perform at your best.

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Sample Packing Checklist: Travel Wellness

Use this guide to help you identify if you have packed all of things that you will need for your business trip. It is simply a list of things that will help you be prepared to travel with your health and wellness in mind.

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Ten Company Strategies: Travel Wellness

Consider these 10 policies or procedures within your business that will contribute to safe and secure employee travel.

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Rick Hecht

Social Determinants of Health

[ 2018 Summit / Day 2 ] Rick Hecht talks about the social determinants of health include things like access to healthy food, clean drinking water, reliable transportation, access to good education, safe housing, employment opportunities, and access to good health care.

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Heath Shackleford

The Strong Link Between Social Responsibility and Wellness

[ 2018 Summit / Day 2 ] In this panel discussion, social impact experts will draw direct links between socially responsible business practices and gains in employee wellness.

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Dee Eastman

The Power of Community

[ 2018 Summit / Day 2 ] Hear from Dee Eastman as she shares examples of communities that are impacting our current medical model and explore proven strategies to harness the power of relationships to transform your world.

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Expert Interview: Understanding the Power of the Dollar with John Perkins

From the heart of the Amazon to the slopes of the Andes, John Perkins has witnessed the effects corporate greed has had on the environment and people. In this exciting expert interview, Perkins talks with WELCOA about how to create a movement while we shop, the power of gratitude, and how we can channel our emotions into worldwide change.

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Expert Interview with Dr. David Katz: Lifestyle as Medicine

Every once in a while, an article comes along that gets the entire country buzzing about health and well-being. This is that article. WELCOA President, Ryan Picarella recently sat down with Dr. David Katz for a paradigm-shifting conversation about what the medical community really knows about disease prevention.

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The Top 100 Health Promotion Professionals Award Winner: Rachel Druckenmiller

After 210 entries were scored by an elite panel of judges, WELCOA is pleased to announce that Rachel Druckenmiller was scored the Top Health Promotion Professional in the country! Read about WELCOA Top Health Promotion Professional Rachel Druckenmiller’s holistic take on what’s next for employee wellness.

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[Infographic] Wisconsin is Getting Employees On the Move

Are you ready for a world where we are thriving at work, at home, at school? Are you ready to get On the Move? We are too. That’s why WELCOA partnered with the state of Wisconsin to fight the physical inactivity epidemic. Check out the exciting results and get involved.

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