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Physical Activity

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Dr. Steven Blair: Taking a Stand on Sitting Down

Dr. Steven Blair is one of the nation’s most respected researchers in the area of physical activity and sitting disease. In this capacity, he’s a firm believer that sitting too much is bad for you. And he has a growing crowd of supporters.

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Getting Active: Physical Activity at Work (Classic Edition)

WELCOA zeroed in on the most effective ways to increase physical activity in the workplace. Setting forth 50 practical ideas, this report will provide a lot of insight in how to increase physical activity in the workplace.

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WorkSmart Stretching Poster

According to Erik Nieuwenhuis, physical therapist and creator of the “WorkSmart Stretching” program, frequent stretching and body movement is important to keep a proper blood supply to muscles and tissues throughout the workday. This helps prevent fatigue, discomfort and reduces the risk for musculoskeletal disorders or injuries. Stretching throughout the workday will also help your employees reduce stress levels and increase their energy.

Download the WorkSmart Stretching Plan poster and share these daily stretches with your employees.

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Meredith Corporation Employee Bicycle Commuter Reimbursement Policy

As part of Meredith’s comprehensive health and wellness initiative designed to enhance employee health and well-being, they developed an Employee Bicycle Commuter Reimbursement Policy.

Meredith is one of the nation’s leading media and marketing companies with more than 3,000 employees operating in locations spread across the country. In 2011, Meredith won WELCOA’s Platinum Well Workplace Award for its results-oriented wellness program.

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Everybody. Everyday.

The term “Physical Activity” can mean different things to different people. For one person it might mean running five miles a day—for another it might mean chasing their kids around house to get the TV remote back. No matter what your level we all know that we need to have some physical activity in our lives. Now, getting into a physical activity routine doesn’t just start with buying some gym membership and trying to get fit through what I like to call “membership osmosis.” You have to understand why it is important and want to make it a lifestyle change. This campaign provides the tools and support necessary to begin making a conscious and deliberate choice to be active everyday.

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Fitness Personality Profile Quiz

According to exercise physiologist and behavioral coach, Sean Foy, the most effective way to ensure your employees will have long-term success with any fitness endeavor is to have them identify what they enjoy doing. If employees can identify the activities that fit with their unique interests, personalities and goals, they are much more likely to attempt and continue an exercise plan.

Download this comprehensive fitness personality quiz from WELCOA. Then distribute the quiz to help your employees find their fitness personality profiles.

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Physical Activity for a Healthy Weight

Helping your employees understand why exercise is important, how much they need, and how they can stay motivated just got a little easier with WELCOA’s Tool-Kit on Physical Activity for a Healthy Weight. Specifically, this WELCOA Tool-Kit consists of a high-quality presentation on physical activity, handout masters for distribution, and an in-depth fact sheet to help you prepare.

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Lucky 7

Keeping workouts varied and having social support are two key elements that will help your employees stick with a regular exercise plan—and Lucky 7 incentive challenge incorporates both. This fun and engaging employee wellness campaign involves team members increasing their odds for good health by regularly engaging in cardio exercise. When team members work together and complete seven unique cardio workouts each week, a big payoff is in store for them. The challenge aims to incorporate a variety of physical activities (like swimming, dancing and hiking just to name a few) to infuse variety into your employees’ exercise routines.

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Dr. John Ratey: Maximize Your Brain Power!

Dr. Ratey shares some key concepts from his book, “Spark,” while discussing the benefits of exercise and its important impact on the brain

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Erik Nieuwenhuis: Move It Or Lose It!

Find out how critical musculoskeletal health is to quality of life—and what we can do in the workplace to help our employees preserve it.

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