WELCOA Free Resources

Each year, WELCOA is proud to make available a variety of free resources and useful information. In fact, over the course of the last five years, WELCOA has distributed more than 2.5 million articles, case studies, incentive campaigns, expert interviews, and white papers at no charge. In this section, you'll find a wide variety of useful information that can assist you in your quest to build a results-oriented wellness program.

Free Reports

Contained in the Free Reports section, you'll find key reports, studies, and other publications designed to help you understand some of the key issues involved in worksite health promotion programming.

Expert Interviews

In this section, you can download expert interviews from CEO's of America's Healthiest Companies, wellness experts, and business leaders. Each interview is compelling, easy-to-read, and insightful.

Case Studies

In this section, you can download case studies detailing the practices of America's Healthiest Companies.


When it comes to communicating your health promotion message, WELCOA PowerPoint presentations will help you to get your point across with maximum impact. These PowerPoint presentations address a variety of topics and include handout and notes masters.

Surveys and Samples

In this section, we've gathered the best examples of the forms and documentation you'll need to do your job best. From sample operating plans, to tools to help you build your wellness team, you'll find it all right here.

Incentive Campaigns

WELCOA's Incentive Campaigns Will Get Employees Involved. Use WELCOA's incentive campaigns to engage employees in wellness programs focusing on regular exercise, proper nutrition, and general wellness.

Incentive Campaigns come complete with a practitioner guide, employee handouts, and interactive checklists. They're "printer-ready"—so making copies is a breeze.

Health Information

Here you'll find several samples of some of WELCOA's leading health promotion publications, and product lines. You can peruse Absolute Advantage magazine, The Well Workplace Healthletter, or WELCOA's Health & Wellness Brochure line -- to name a few.


Wellstream is an affordable, user-friendly personal health assessment that provides your employees with the information they need to monitor and improve their health status.

Premier Provider Network

Sometimes you need a little outside help. These Premier Providers can give you the experience and expertise you need to make your company's wellness program even more effective. Check them out!

Health Observances

Use this section to quickly view the health observances for each month of the year. And, by clicking on any month, you'll be able to get more information about the topic and gather valuable contact information about the sponsoring agencies.

Health Promotion Jobs

Health Promotion is an increasingly popular career field. Check out this section for health promotion job opportunities nationwide.

Health Promotion Legislation

Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa has introduced comprehensive health promotion legislation which, if passed, could change the face of wellness in the United States. In this proposed legislation there is a significant addressing workplace health promotion.

Helpful Sites

Health is one of the most popular searched items on the Internet today. But instead of wading through the mire of sites on the web, try checking out these additional resources on the World Wide Web.