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Capturing CEO Support (Classic Edition)

In this Special Report, we’ve highlighted the first of the seven benchmarks of successful wellness programming: Capturing CEO Support. Specifically, we’ve illuminated the six tests of leading a healthy company and presented a new model for thinking about CEO support. In addition, we’ve presented in-depth CEO interviews with four of America’s most recognized leaders.

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Carefully Crafting an Operating Plan (Classic Edition)

In this Special Report, we zero in on the concept of carefully crafting an operating plan. Specifically, we’ve outlined the importance of planning as well as highlighted the elements of a wellness plan that can take your program from good to great. To complete this issue, we’ve provided a case study from the City of…

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Collecting Data to Drive Health Efforts (Classic Edition)

In this Special Report, we’ll zoom in on the concept of collecting data to drive your company’s health efforts. Specifically, we’ll present 10 reasons why data collection is an essential step in building a results-oriented wellness program. In addition, we’ll also outline three important sources of data that must be gathered in order to be…

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Choosing Appropriate Interventions (Classic Edition)

In this Special Report, we’re focusing on the benchmark of Choosing Appropriate Interventions. Specifically, we’ll outline the issues and factors to consider when choosing interventions for your organization.

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Creating Cohesive Wellness Teams (Classic Edition)

When it comes to building results-oriented wellness programs, teams are a big part of the equation. In fact, teams comprise the second critical benchmark of success in the Well Workplace process. In this Special Report, many of the issues and challenges associated with developing cohesive wellness teams are addressed.

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WELCOA’s 7 Benchmarks of Success (Classic Edition)

Our Seven Benchmark Process is known as the Well Workplace Model. To date hundreds upon hundreds of companies have used this model to build their wellness programs. To obtain a better understanding of each of the seven benchmarks, read on.

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Creating a Supportive Environment (Classic Edition)

In this Special Report, we present information related to the sixth benchmark of results oriented wellness programs: creating supportive environments. Specifically, we’ll highlight the policies, practices, and promotions that will help you integrate wellness into your company’s working environment. In addition, we’ll present a case study of how the CDC rejuvenated stairwells to increase physical…

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Carefully Evaluating Outcomes (Classic Edition)

Effectively evaluating your workplace wellness initiative can be a confusing and complicated endeavor, but that need not be the case! In this WELCOA report, you’ll learn the top 10 reasons why people don’t evaluate their programs as well as the fundamentals of evaluation. What’s more we’ll discuss the topic of evaluation with one of the…

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Getting Active: Physical Activity At Work (Classic Edition)

In this issue of Absolute Advantage, WELCOA zeroed in on the most effective ways to increase physical activity in the workplace. Setting forth 50 practical ideas, this report will provide a lot of insight in how to increase physical activity in the workplace.

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WELCOA’s National Compensation Survey (2013)

Today’s field of worksite wellness and health management is comprised of individuals who work in a wide variety of occupations in various disciplines. These disciplines include—but are not necessarily restricted to—wellness, benefits, human resources, occupational health and medicine, employee assistance, risk management, and safety.

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